Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Travolta Tragedy Report Helped Treat 8 Month Old


The unfortunate death of John Travolta 16-year-old son in January. His son had suffered from Kawasaki disease, which usually appears in children under 5. May 2 have helped to save a child Calexico. So Lawrence wanted to inform viewers about this little known disease that if untreated, may lead to inflammation of blood vessels, heart damage, coronary artery aneurysms, and in some cases, death. Channel 10 reporter Bob Lawrence was all ears. Although Jett Travolta didn t die from Kawasaki disease, publicity over his death from a seizure of the media spotlight shined on the mysterious disease that had suffered a 2 years.

Ellen Degeneres Dives Into Pet Food Industry

Ellen Degenere

DeGeneres came across the line, when your dog has started suffering from allergies. Today, comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGenere begin to back a new line of pet food. His veterinarian has suggested to move the food, and DeGeneres found HALO. Now, she become a co-owner. HALO: purely Pets, a small self-made pet food company, focuses on use of ingredients including the chicken broth, turkey and rolled oats.

Photographers Settle Lawsuit Over Marilyn Monroe Images

Marilyn Monroe

Stern will keep the seven transparencies.. In scope of the regulation, admits the Stern photographers mentioned, Donald Penny and Michael Weiss, has done nothing illegal and will give them permission to carry out a limited number of prints from transparencies, Attorney Jamie Brickell announced. Photographer Bert Stern has reached an agreement with the men agreed last year over the possession of seven transparencies of his Marilyn Monroe photographs, according to a lawyer for the defendants.

Cameron Diaz Vs Renee Zellweger

Metro has carefully chosen the best and worst dressed celebrities of this week to find out which hit the jack-pot of fashion and who has lost. The Cameron Diaz HOT ever age? The beautiful actress looks as hot as she did 10 years ago in this bubblegum pink dress at the Golden Globe, keeping his young and fresh style..

Lily Allen Shows Her Flare For Fashion In Baggy Trews Or Is She Hiding A Two Dinners Tum

Lily Allen

We just hope Lil streamlined didn t wear large steps to disguise the fact that d scoffed two dinners - and a Wolesley Scotts. We re used to be Lily Allen Footloose - footless but a new one on us. Lil, 23, showed his taste for the style of baggy pants on a night outside London. Food for thought, eh?.